Welcome to ND WIC!

WIC provides help with your family's nutrition needs, providing ideas about how to feed your family, where to go for other help, nutritious foods and help with breastfeeding during times when you and/or your children are growing and developing to improve your/their health.


WIC staff are your partners who work with you to reach positive health goals by talking and sharing ideas. It is important for WIC staff to ask you questions about your health and diet and to complete a full assessment, including taking measurements, to better understand your family’s nutritional needs and meet those needs and interests.

WIC foods are designed for you and/or your children to help meet your/their nutrition needs. Even so, WIC is a supplemental program, which means it does not provide all of the food you and/or your children need, but WIC is here to help.

You must reapply and be reassessed for WIC when your (or your child's) certification ends. If funding does not allow for everyone to be served, then those at highest risk (nutritional need) will be served first. 



Grocery Store Shelf Tag for WIC-Approved Foods:

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