If a child is removed from the care of their parents, a public agency is granted custody. Agency case managers determines the type of foster care required for a child based on the needs of the child. Several placement options are available in North Dakota.

Short-Term (Emergency) Shelter Care

Temporary safety service during which a child needs a placement of of the home, in an approved family foster home or childcare setting. Not to exceed 7 days. In order to access shelter care home, case managers or CPS workers must facilitate the arrangement by accessing the ND Provider List.

Respite Care

Temporary relief care for a child with special medical, emotional, or behavioral needs, which require time-limited supervision and care. Respite care will support both the child in care and the provider by offering a break, when needed. No greater than 12 hrs/wk (non-overnights) or 4 days/week (overnights).

Contact the child’s case manager if respite care is needed to support placement stability. Case managers will access the ND Provider List.

Regular Foster Care

Majority of the children in ND foster care are placed in regular family foster homes. Placement may last a number of days to several months. The child attends school in the community while participating with the foster family in their daily activities.


Treatment Foster Care

Treatment foster care providers receive extra training and support as children in therapeutic settings often have additional behavioral or emotional needs. A child may transition into a regular foster home after behavioral and other issues are stabilized. The average length of stay is nine months.

Contact: ND Nexus-PATH

Pre-Adopt Placements

This home provides care for a child who is waiting to be adopted. The child maintains continuity by remaining in the home until the adoption process is completed. On occasion, foster parents may be eligible to adopt a child if approved through the adoption home study and selected by the team.

Contact: Licensed North Dakota Adoption Agencies

Qualified Residential Treatment Programs (QRTP)

Children in need of treatment services and 24-7 supervision may require placements in a QRTP. The average length of stay is six months.

Contact: List of Programs 

Unaccompanied Refugee Minors Program

Foster care is provided for youth arriving from other countries through North Dakota's Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program. Foster homes, primarily in the Fargo area, help youth adjust to a new country while providing the support of a family setting.

Contact: Agassiz Valley Human Service Zone