North Dakota Century Code 15.1-09-58 requires a collaborative effort between the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) and the North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to approve local school districts’ Four-Year Old Programs.

All schools planning to offer a Four-Year Old Program for the 2024-2025 school year need to request Four-Year Old Program approval from HHS no later than June 1st.

In order to initiate the Four-Year Old Program approval process, the interested school district must submit the following items:

  • A completed and signed SFN 1304 Four-Year Old Program Approval form,
  • A copy of the school board minutes documenting school board approval of the program,
  • A copy of the most recent fire marshal’s safety report, and
  • A non-refundable fee of $50.

Items must be mailed to:
Department of Health and Human Services, Early Childhood
600 E. Boulevard Avenue, Dept. 325
Bismarck, ND 58505-0250

Four-Year Old Programs must be taught by highly qualified teachers who have one of the following:

  • B3 License
  • Elementary education major and an early childhood endorsement
  • Elementary education major and a minor in early childhood education
  • Elementary education major and a kindergarten endorsement. A plan of study may be granted for the kindergarten endorsement, allowing a teacher two years to complete the required coursework.
  • K-8 license. The K-8 licenses are no longer issued by ESPB. However, those who already have a K-8 license may teach pre-kindergarten.
  • K-6 license. The K-6 licenses are no longer issued by ESPB. However, those who already have a K-6 license may teach pre-kindergarten.

Once the Four-Year Old Program Approval form and documentation are reviewed and approved, the school may request a Pre-K grade level configuration with NDDPI. School districts will participate in annual desk audits. MIS03, STARS, and NDTEACH must be updated with your pre-kindergarten information.

Four-Year Old Program Approval is valid for two years. Grade level configuration must be submitted annually to NDDPI.


Information and Resources

Accordion Section Title
2023-2024 Approved Four-Year Old Programs
  • Alexander Public School
  • Ashley Public School
  • Barnes County North (Wimbledon)
  • Beach Public School
  • BECEP Center (Bismarck)
  • Belfield Public School
  • Berthold Public School 
  • Bishop Ryan Catholic School (Minot)
  • Bob Callies Preschool (Garrison)
  • Burlington-Des Lacs Elem School (United)
  • Bowman County Preschool
  • Cannon Ball Elem School (Cannonball)
  • Carrington Elem School
  • Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Elem (Bismarck)
  • Cavalier Public School
  • Center-Stanton Public School
  • Central Cass Public School (Casselton)
  • Century Elem School (Grafton)
  • Christ the King Catholic Montessori (Mandan)
  • Dakota Prairie Public School (Petersburg)
  • Drayton Public School
  • Dunseith Elem School 
  • Early Child Special Education School (Fargo)
  • Edgeley Public School
  • Edmore Public School
  • Elgin-New Leipzig Public School
  • Emerado Public School
  • Fessenden-Bowdon Public School (Fessenden)
  • Fordville-Lankin Public School (Fordville)
  • Gackle-Streeter Public School (Gackle)
  • Glen Ullin Public School
  • Glenburn Public School
  • Golva Elem School (Lone Tree) 
  • Grafton Public School
  • Griggs County Central Public School (Cooperstown)
  • Hazelton-Moffitt-Braddock Public School (Hazelton)
  • Hettinger Public School
  • Holy Spirit Elementary School (Fargo)
  • Hope-Page Public School
  • Kenmare Public School
  • Kensal Public School 
  • Killdeer Public School
  • Kulm Public School
  • Lakota Public School
  • LaMoure Public School
  • Larimore Elem School
  • Leeds Public School
  • Lincoln Elem School (Beach)
  • Linton Public School
  • Litchville-Marion Elem School (Litchville)
  • Maddock Public School
  • Manvel Public School
  • Maple Valley Public School (Tower City)
  • Mapleton Public School
  • Martin Luther School (Bismarck)
  • Max Public School
  • McClusky Public School
  • Medina Public School
  • Midway Public School
  • Minto Public School
  • Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood Public School (Mohall)
  • Montpelier Public School
  • Munich Public School
  • Mt. Pleasant Public School
  • Nativity Elem School (Fargo)
  • Nedrose Public School (Minot)
  • New England Public School
  • New Rockford-Sheyenne Public School
  • Newburg-United Public School (Newburg)
  • North Border-Pembina Public School
  • North Border-Walhalla Public School
  • Northern Cass Public School (Hunter)
  • North Sargent Public School (Gwinner)
  • North Shore Plaza Public School (Plaza)
  • North Star (Cando)
  • Park River Area Public School
  • Parshall Elem School 
  • Pingree-Buchanan Elem School (Pingree)
  • Powers Lake Elem School 
  • Richland Elem School (Colfax)
  • Rugby Early Learning Center (Rugby Ely Elem)
  • Rolette Public School 
  • Sargent Central Public School (Forman)
  • Sawyer Public School
  • Scranton Public School
  • South Heart Public School
  • South Prairie School District (Minot)
  • St. Alphonsus Elem School (Langdon)
  • St. Anne's School (Belcourt)
  • St. Anne Elem (Bismarck)
  • St. John’s Academy (Jamestown)
  • St. John Public School (St. John)
  • St. Mary’s Elem (Bismarck)
  • Starkweather Public School
  • Steele-Dawson Public School (Kidder Co)
  • Sterling Elem School
  • Strasburg Public School
  • Surrey Public School
  • Taylor-Richardton Elem School (Richardton)
  • The Innovation School (Bismarck)
  • Tiny Turtles Preschool (Belcourt)
  • Trinity Elem School (West Fargo)
  • Turtle Lake-Mercer Public School (Turtle Lake)
  • Underwood Public School
  • Valley-Edinburg Elem School (Hoople)
  • Victory Christian School (Jamestown)
  • Warwick Public School
  • Washburn Public School
  • Westhope Public School
  • Williston Public School
  • Wilton Public School
  • Wing Public School
  • Wishek Public School
  • Zeeland Public School