This webpage contains information for North Dakota's Autism Spectrum Disorder Waiver service providers.

IMPORTANT: Autism Waiver service providers must have a Provider Agreement in place with the state before they can be reimbursed for waiver services. An agency wishing to provide waiver services must first enroll as a service provider. Enroll Here.


Providers with questions should contact Katherine Barchenger, State Autism Coordinator, at (701) 328-4630, toll-free (800) 755-2719, 711 (TTY) or

Service Managers:

  • Participant Service Plan (PSP) (SFN 600)
  • Progress Notes for Service Managers - Complete Monthly) (SFN 918)
  • Purchase Request Form for Assistive Technology items (SFN 688)
  • Transition Plan (for transitioning off of the waiver) (SFN 60615)