Centralized Foster Care & Subsidized Adoption Eligibility Unit


The North Dakota Department of Human Services continues to engage in redesign efforts, specific to the child welfare service delivery statewide. This collaborative effort began with the passage of Senate Bill 2206 in 2017, continued with the passage of Senate Bill 2124 in 2019 and most recently is heard as Senate Bill 2086 during the 2021 legislative assembly. The Centralized Foster Care & Subsidized Adoption Eligibility Unit was developed as a function of Children and Family Services (CFS).

Overview of the Unit

  • Creation was driven by the legislative authority to transition employees from the Zones to the Department.
  • Overall goals are to implement standardized procedures which offer consistency and efficiencies for workers, providers, and families, while reducing financial errors and overpayments for the state.
  • The unit manages the:
    • Eligibility determinations for foster care cases, while authorizing eligible foster care payments.
    • Eligibility determinations for children seeking prevention services, also known as candidates for foster care.
    • Subsidized-adoption (sub-adopt) negotiation process, while authorizing all eligible subsidy payments.
    • Opening and closing of ND Medicaid for all foster and sub-adopt cases.

Contact Information:

Child welfare case managers, foster parents, facility providers, adoptive families can contact the unit by:

  • Emailcfsfcsaunit@nd.gov
  • Phone: (701) 328-2076 or toll-free (833) 551-2021
  • Fax: 701-328-0962
  • ND Relay TTY: 711