Voluntary Treatment Program


The Voluntary Treatment Program (VTP) is administered by the North Dakota. Department of Health and Human Services through collaboration between the Behavioral Health Division and the Children and Family Services Division. The program provides an option for parents to access out-of-home treatment for their children without relinquishing legal custody when the child's circumstances fall within the intent of this program. The child must be covered by Medicaid program and the application be approved by the Division.

To apply for this program, parents or legal guardians should complete the Universal Application (SFN 824), and the Multi-Agency Authorization for Release of Information (SFN 970).

If approved, this program will pay for the non-Medicaid portion of the treatment facilities rate for the approved timeframe.

For more information, contact Sara Kapp at 701-328-4763 and completed applications can be submitted to skapp@nd.gov