North Dakota Substance Use Prevention Community of Practice

The North Dakota Substance Use Prevention Community of Practice (CoP) is a collaborative group of prevention professionals across the state of North Dakota, including individuals from Local Public Health Units, Tribes, coalitions, and community members with a shared interest in preventing substance use and its associated harms. The goal of each CoP meeting is to collaborate by sharing knowledge, experiences, strategies, and resources related to substance use prevention in North Dakota. 

A Community of Practice meeting may include:


  1. Knowledge Sharing: Members exchange information, best practices, evidence-based interventions, and research findings related to substance use prevention. This can include discussing effective prevention strategies, emerging trends in substance use, and the latest research on risk and protective factors.
  2. Networking: The community provides opportunities for networking and collaboration among its members. This can involve connecting with others working in the field, forming partnerships for joint initiatives, and leveraging each other's expertise and resources.
  3. Professional Development: Members may engage in professional development activities such as workshops, training sessions, webinars, and conferences focused on enhancing their skills and knowledge in substance use prevention.
  4. Problem-Solving: The community serves as a platform for problem-solving and addressing challenges encountered in substance use prevention efforts. Members can seek advice, feedback, and support from their peers when facing obstacles or implementing prevention programs.
  5. Advocacy and Policy Influence: The community may advocate for policies and initiatives that support effective substance use prevention strategies at the local, regional, or national level. By collectively advocating for evidence-based approaches, members can influence public policy and resource allocation in the field of substance use prevention.


Overall, these Community of Practice meetings plays a crucial role in fostering collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement in efforts to prevent substance use and promote healthier communities across North Dakota.


Scheduled Meetings:

April 9th, 2024 - 10:00am - 11:30am - "An Environmental Strategy to Combat Underage Drinking"

  • Featured Speaker: Bill Vasicek
    • Member of the Grand Forks Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (SAPC)
    • Former Community Safety Coordinator for Altru Health System
    • Former Drug Free Communities Project Director (Grand Forks)
  • Meeting Objectives:
    • Overview of successes and challenges with passing a social host ordinance
    • Strategies for maintaining community engagement and momentum
  • Meeting Recording