Impose Appropriate Penalties/Strengthen Prosecution, Adjudication, and Sanctioning.

The foundation for deterring individuals from breaking alcohol laws depends on their perception of the likelihood of being caught, and on their perception of what will happen to them if they are apprehended. Penalties can range from confiscation of the product to fixed or graduated monetary fines, participation in alcohol education programs or community service, suspension of driving privileges, and/or imprisonment. 

What is this strategy? 

Catalog of Prevention Strategies (Administrative Penalties)

Catalog of Prevention Strategies (Penalties for Minors)

When should I consider implementing this strategy? 

  • Fees and penalties are not deterring underage drinking.
  • Court systems defer sentencing for youth.
  • Penalties are not being imposed and there are no consequences for youth who get caught.
  • Retailers are not getting fined and continue to make illegal sales to youth.
  • Penalties are inconsistent.

How do I implement this strategy? 

Key Activities for Implementation:

  • Assess the current process within the law enforcement and court system to determine where enhancements can be made.
  • Address gaps from the initial violation through the adjudication process.
  • Build capacity and provide training on best practices.
  • Build relationships with judges, prosecutors, clerks, law enforcement, policy makers, etc.

Strengthening Prosecution, Adjudication, and Sanctioning of Alcohol Laws in the Court System (CADCA Presentation)