Economic Assistance provides stability for families through a variety of programs. Read the EA Portfolio to learn more about these.

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What We Do

The Economic Assistance team helps lower income North Dakotans when they are struggling to make ends meet by connecting them to resources that can help meet their basic needs, preventing greater and more damaging crises.


Program Administration

  • Federal Compliance
  • State Plan
  • State Law & Administrative Rules
  • Federal Reporting
  • Federal & State Agreements

Service Delivery

  • Program and Policy Support
  • Training
  • Benefit Issuance
  • Integrated Eligibility System Development and Maintenance

Program Integrity and Performance

  • Program Monitoring
  • Federal and State Quality Reviews
  • Federal and State Audits
  • Performance Improvement

Foundations of Wellbeing


Economic Health

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Having the resources you need to meet basic needs contributes to stability and is a foundation you can build on

Behavioral Health

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Having good mental health and a healthy relationship with substances boosts your ability to weather life’s storms

Physical Health

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When you are in good physical health you can better navigate the activities of daily and community life


Foundations of Wellbeing are Interconnected

The stability that comes from good economic health can improve behavioral health. The stability that comes from good physical and behavioral health enables economic health.