Maternal Tobacco Program


The goal of the Maternal Tobacco Program is to reduce the number of health problems caused by tobacco use and secondhand smoke by decreasing the number of women who smoke during and after their pregnancy. Health problems for both mothers and babies include:

  • Pregnancy complications
  • Premature birth
  • Low-birth weight infants
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

How the Program Works

Who is eligible?

Pregnant women who currently use tobacco products* or were using at the time of conception. Participants enroll before the 25th week of pregnancy and must be tobacco-free by the third prenatal session or 30th week, whichever is sooner, to remain in the program.

What does Maternal Tobacco Program offer?

One-on-one sessions with a tobacco treatment specialist (TTS) to help you plan your quit.

  • Five prenatal sessions
  • Six postpartum sessions

The TTS discusses the benefits of quitting, avoiding triggers, managing cravings, and recognizing emotions to stay tobacco-free.

The participant agrees to take a carbon monoxide (CO) breath test or a saliva test at each session. Participants are eligible for incentives when abstinent during the postpartum sessions.


Relapse is high after delivery. The Maternal Tobacco Program provides continued support to remain tobacco-free.

*cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or electronic nicotine devices/vape products.


How to Enroll

To enroll, connect with your nearest North Dakota Maternal Tobacco Program provider:

Maternal Tobacco Program (MTP)
Health System City Email Program Facilitator Phone Number
CHI St. Alexius Health Bismarck Bismarck Rajean Backman (701) 530-8538
Essentia Health Fargo Cheri Thomson (701) 364-4524 
Essentia Health Wahpeton Elizabeth Mattis (701) 671-4146
Family HealthCare Fargo Brody Maack (701) 271-6363
Jamestown Regional Medical Center Jamestown Nicole Brandvold (701) 952-4858 
Sanford Bismarck Bismarck Teresa Kershaw (701) 323-2016 or 323-2935
Sanford Jamestown Jamestown Lindsay King 701-251-6000
Sanford Southpointe Fargo Siri Thaden (701) 234-5892 or 234-2000
Pamela Friedrich
Sanford Clinic Wahpeton Wahpeton Nicole Wahler (701) 642-7000
Southwestern District Health Unit Dickinson Jennifer Schaeffer (701) 483-3760
Walsh County Health District Grafton Sharon Laxdal (701) 352-5139