Redacted Response Plans


These plans were created by the staff of the Emergency Preparedness Division of the North Dakota Department of Health, who are supported by federal grants for public health emergency preparedness. While we appreciate acknowledgement when others use our material, they are in the public domain and can be used freely. We also appreciate feedback which can be provided by calling the Emergency Preparedness Section of NDDoH at 701-328-2270 or by sending us an email to this address


Using These Plans

The links below will open HHS emergency response plans that have been redacted to remove names and sensitive information. We have other plans which are too sensitive to post on the public web (e.g., response to terrorism events), but which may be available to other responders on request. All the plans on this site are technical descriptions which are intended for use by our response partners, including other North Dakota agencies and other state and federal health agencies, mores than for the public. However, the public is welcome to review them and ask questions or make comment.

As with all emergency response plans, these plans are works in progress. They will be periodically revised as procedures change or as we learn more through exercises, real events and partner feedback. A reviewer may find places where gaps are recognized and documented as such. We are working to fill these gaps and will update the plans as we find solutions. Because the process is one of continuous improvement, we will identify new gaps over time, document them and try to solve them. These plans provide guidelines for action during a disaster rather than a set of rules which must be followed during an event. The actual actions that NDDoH will take to respond to a disaster are determined by the NDDoH Incident Commander during the event.


Mass Fatality Response Plan
MRC Operating Procedures
Protected Plans
  • Strategic National Stockpile
  • Smallpox Response Plan
  • Anthrax Response Plan
  • Continuance of Government Plan