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Newborn Screening Brochure Order Form

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Newborn Screening Refusals and Requests for Return of Specimen
Newborn Screening Refusal Form

Newborn bloodspot screening can help to detect many conditions that could harm a child in the first few days of life. Families have the option to refuse the testing, but are encouraged to discuss this decision with their health care provider prior to refusal. If families would still like to refuse testing, the Newborn Screening Refusal Form must be completed and returned to the program within 6 days of the refusal. 

Newborn Screening Refusal Form

Request for Return of Specimen

A family may request to have the specimen card returned to them following testing. To request to have the card returned, the Request for Access of Protected Health Information (PHI) form must be completed and returned to the program. A clear photocopy of the signer's state issued ID is also required to be submitted with the request.

Request for Access of PHI

Links to Newborn Screening Partners
Newborn Screening Laws

North Dakota Century Code for Newborn Metabolic and Genetic Disease Screening Tests

North Dakota Century Code for Newborn Screening

Newborn Screening Agency Rules

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How to Collect a Newborn Bloodspot Screening Specimen

Click here to review education about newborn screening and how to collect a blood spot specimen.

Click here for a guide on how to complete the North Dakota Newborn Screening Card.

Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD)
North Dakota Century Code for Newborn Screening:
Chapter 25-17-06. Pulse oximetry screening for critical congenital heart defects - Exception.

Before discharge of a newborn child born in a hospital with a birthing center, the newborn child must receive a pulse oximetry screening for critical congenital heart defects. The screening requirement of this section does not apply if the parents or guardians of a newborn child object to the screening. The state department of health shall provide medical staff and facilities that provide birthing services with notice regarding this screening requirement. For purposes of this chapter, pulse oximetry screening is not a test under section 25-17-05 and a congenital heart defect detected by screening under this section is not a metabolic disease or genetic disease as those terms are used under this chapter.

Resources for Pulse Oximetry Screening for CCHD:

Additional Helpful Websites for CCHD:

Advisory Committee

The Newborn Screening Advisory Committee represents the interests of North Dakotans and assists in developing programs that ensure the availability of and access to quality genetic health care services by all residents. The committee advises the North Dakota Health and Human Services agency regarding newborn screening and makes recommendations about the design and implementation of the newborn screening program. The committee evaluates the addition of new disorders that may be added to the newborn screening panel as approved by the State Health Council.

The committee consists of members from professional groups, pediatricians, family practice physicians, mid-level practitioners, laboratory staff, nurses, midwives, doulas, family members and individuals with an interest in promoting newborn screening services.

The Advisory Committee meets on a quarterly basis via teleconference and has one in-person meeting per year. If you are interested in being a member on this committee, please send an email to

Newborn Screening Conferences

Newborn Screening Conference - May 3, 2023

Radisson Hotel | Bismarck, ND


NCAA Sickle Cell Trait Requirement

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) requires that all athletes at Division I and II schools be tested for sickle cell trait before competing or sign a written release declining the test. NCAA information can be found here. The North Dakota Newborn Screening Program (NDNSP) began screening for sickle cell disease and trait(s) in 2003. Athletes born in 2003 or after can request a copy of their newborn screening (NBS) results, which includes sickle cell screening, at no cost.

NBS results can be requested in the following ways:

  • The athlete can contact their hospital of birth directly to request a copy of their Newborn Screening results from their medical record.
  • The athlete requesting the result can submit a request through their primary care provider (or sports medicine provider) to the State NBS program and the results can be sent securely to the provider and then given to the athlete.

Lastly, the athlete can request their Newborn Screening results from the NDNSP by emailing They must also attach a completed release of information form to the email. The link can be found here.