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Vocational Rehabilitation develops strong working relationships with a variety of councils and partners in an effort to maximize its effectiveness and efficiency. Some councils, such as the State Rehabilitation Council, and Statewide Independent Living Council are mandated by law.

Partnerships with other organizations and government programs are essential to the success of the DVR mission. By interacting with these related programs, VR builds a network that provides viable options and solutions for its clients.


ND State Rehabilitation Council

The purpose of the ND State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) is to advise Vocational Rehabilitation on policies and services. They work with the director and look for ways to help people with disabilities.    

Visit the State Rehabilitation Council page.


ND Statewide Independent Living Council

The North Dakota Statewide Independent Living Council works work with the Centers for Independent Living by educating and advocating for people to live the way they want to live. 

Visit the ND Statewide Independent Living Council page.

Disability Etiquette Training

Knowledge, awareness, and understanding are the keys to creating a positive work environment for all employees.

There are far too many misperceptions and myths surrounding disability issues. Whether an employee with a disability or a customer with a disability is providing or accessing a business's goods or services, it is important that the entire work team understands how to deal effectively with this issue.

Disability Etiquette Training Advantage:

  • Enhanced employee recruitment and retention
  • A more diverse workforce
  • Better employer/employee and employee/customer interaction and relations
  • Reduced conflict and higher morale

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